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Accept all the ways customers want to pay. Make the sale in-store or online, and take credit cards, EMV chip cards, gift cards, mobile wallets and more. Heartland payment processing is fast, secure and reliable with fair and transparent rates. Take payments anywhere.

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Heartland’s credit card payment processing solutions come with unparalleled data security. Our merchant services provide options for your business, large or small.

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With Heartland Secure TM, your customers won’t have to worry about stolen card information. Combining three powerful technologies, Heartland Secure provides business owners with the highest level of credit and debit card security available to protect against card-present data fraud and credit card breach. This secure card processing technology will put you and your …

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May 27, 2020 · In the world of credit card processing systems, Heartland Payment Systems is a major player with customers in numerous industries. Established in 1997, Heartland is the fifth-largest United States card processor. Global Payments acquired the company in December 2015, and there haven’t been any major operational changes since then.

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By charging customers a percentage fee for processing credit card purchases online, the Program helps businesses keep their prices and payment options competitive — and preserve all the ways customers want to pay. Surcharging is legal in all but six states (CO, CT, KS, MA, ME, OK), allowing businesses to recoup their processing costs …

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Payment Processing. 24/7 Customer Support: 888-963-3600. Payroll. Customer Support: 877-729-2968. Micropayment. Customer Support: 800-332-4835. Heartland Register. Product Support: 866-646-7648. Heartland Gift. Product Support: …