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 · HeartMath helps you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart – your heart’s intuition – which awakens you to the best version of yourself. For more than 25 years, HeartMath has been providing a unique combination of science-based techniques, coherence technology, learning programs, and helpful certified HeartMath professionals.

HeartMath Institute


HeartMath Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has developed reliable, scientifically validated tools since 1991 to help people reduce and avoid stress while experiencing increased peace, satisfaction and enjoyment. Research at the HeartMath Institute shows that, adding heart to our daily activities and connections produces measurable benefits to our own and others’ …

HeartMath Science | HeartMath Institute


HeartMath Institute Science Scientific Foundation of the HeartMath System. HeartMath learning programs and the emWave ® and Inner Balance™ self-regulation technology are based on over 31 years of scientific research on the psychophysiology of stress, resilience, and the interactions between the heart and brain.

The HeartMath Experience (Now Free)


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 · The HeartMath Experience interactive program is especially appropriate during these times for maintaining emotional balance, mental clarity and sustaining resilience. The content is uplifting and provides scientifically validated tools for managing stress and anxiety — which we need now more than ever. The program provides practical and …

HeartMath Learning Center


The HeartMath ® Certified Trainer program provides organizational and independent trainers and consultants with the training and license to deliver The Resilience Advantage ™, a best-in-class, science-based workshop. Through research and simple tools, technologies and compassionate inspiration, The Resilience Advantage workshop teaches …



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 · HeartMath ® Certified Mentors (previously Coach/Mentors) are individuals licensed to share the HeartMath techniques and technology using handouts to help their clients reduce stress, anxiety, and help them build resilience. Our mentors and coaches work with their clients in a mentoring or coaching style, specifically, one on one or in small …

HeartMath Store – Empowering Heart-Based Living


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Is Heartmath pseudoscience? – Quora


Answer (1 of 14): First of all a disclosure: I am the Chief Technology Officer for HeartMath. After working in various fields of research and engineering in “the Valley” – passing through early stages of semiconductor R&D, early personal computers, mini computers, AI, …