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If you need information about help with fire tv , here’s what we’ve prepared for you. If something goes wrong, when you contact the brand’s customer service for help, the only trick is: patience. Describe your problem in detail and don’t miss any details.

Fire TV Support – Amazon Customer Service


Create Fire TV Profiles. Create Kids Profiles on Fire TV Devices. Add or Remove Content from Kids Profiles on Fire TV. Edit Your Fire TV Profiles. Remove Fire TV Profiles on Your Fire TV. …

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Digital Services and Device Support › Fire TV Support › Get Started with Fire TV › Amazon Fire TV Quick Start Guides Download PDF versions of user guides for Fire TV and accessories.

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Restart Your Fire TV Cube. Clear App Data for Fire TV Cube Apps. Alexa Isn’t Responding on Your Fire TV Cube. Multi-Room Music is Out of Sync on Your Fire TV Device. Multi-Room Music Isn’t Playing on Your Fire TV Device. Resolve Streaming Issues on Fire TV Cube. Unfreeze Your TV Screen on Fire TV Cube. Dolby Atmos or Surround Sound Not Working on Fire TV Devices.

Amazon.com Help: Fire TV Edition television FAQs


Does Amazon collect data when I watch over-the-air TV on my Fire TV Edition television? Why? Amazon software collects information relating to your use of over-the-air TV content which may include the name of the channel watched, the name of the program watched, and the duration. This helps us improve our services and personalize your experience.