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Sensor Solutions & HENSOLDT


HENSOLDT is a German champion in the defence industry with a leading position in Europe and a global reach. We develop innovative and customer-specific solutions in the fields of radar, electronic warfare, avionics, and optronics. As technology leader, we expand our portfolio continuously to combat a wide range of threats.

Sensor Solutions & HENSOLDT


Hensoldt Inc. offers its customers first-class sensor systems for protection, for surveillance and for situational awareness. For this, we develop innovative, integrated and customer-specific. solutions in the fields of radar, optronics, electronic warfare and avionics, as well as customer support. Our main areas of activity include the …

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Hensoldt is a brand of Airbus Defense & Space, a worldwide leader in global security solutions working to support the people protecting the world. In a world of evolving threats and opportunities, Hensoldt thrives to create innovation, technology advanced optical solutions meeting the needs of its customers worldwide.

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Hensoldt AG (HENSOLDT) is a multinational corporation headquartered in Germany which focuses on sensor technologies for protection and surveillance missions in the defence, security and aerospace sectors. The main product areas are radar, optoelectronics and avionics. Hensoldt’s main office is in Taufkirchen near Munich, Germany.

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HENSOLDT’s sensor devices have been qualified against military standards, making them suitable for use in the harshest environments. All units have been designed to meet a specific market requirements. Portfolio. Thermal Imaging Cameras. Thermal Imagers in the short-wave, mid-wave and long-wave infrared spectrum;

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Hensoldt. Hensoldt Products are crafted by Carl Zeiss AG in Wetzlar Germany. They are made under the ownership, design and control of Airbus DS Optronics GmbH, a company that focuses on advanced solutions for security forces across the world and builds industry-leading military grade optical devices for professional shooters.



HENSOLDT Inc. is a leading supplier for platform independent offerings deployed across the domains air, sea, land and security for armed and security forces worldwide. HENSOLDT Inc.’s portfolio includes various sensor technologies, which, when combined, allow detection capabilities to be improved substantially.