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Hibiki Special Training – Yakuza 0 Wiki Guide – IGN


Jul 10, 2021 · The following is IGN‘s guide to Hibiki Special Training in Yakuza 0.. When running the Cabaret Club Czar, you have the option to give your Platinum Hostess special training.Below is the guide to …

Hibiki Otsuki | Yakuza Wiki | Fandom

Hibiki’s father left her, she lived with her mother and younger brother. Her mother worked too hard and she got sick, her younger brother is just 7 years old so she has to work to take care of both.

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  • Hibiki Customer Service Training 4 – Perfect Lesson – YAKUZA 0


    Aug 17, 2019 · In this video, I will guide you on how to achieve perfect lesson for Hibiki Customer Services Training 4You will know which answer to choose to get the perfe…

    A Little Brotherly Love – Yakuza 0 Wiki Guide – IGN


    Feb 21, 2017 · A Little Brotherly Love. The following is IGN‘s guide to the substory A Little Brotherly Love in Yakuza 0 . After you complete Hibiki’s training, Majima goes outside for a smoke. Then, he finds …

    Grooming your Platinums – Yakuza 0 Walkthrough & Guide …

    • For Makeovers, the basic idea is to buy your hostess new outfits or accessories in order to modify her "Looks" (Sexy, Beauty, Cute, Funny). You’ll get a menu of things to buy and as you hover over them, you’ll learn how her Looks will be modified. Usually, one will be increased and another will decrease depending on the item. If you want my suggestion, I would only rely on this if you’r…

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    • Operating System: PC, PS3, PS4, XONE
    • Published: Feb 22, 2021
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    Who is AI in Yakuza 0?

    Ai Uehara ( 上原 亜衣, Uehara Ai) is a character in Yakuza 0. She was the number one hostess at Club Mars before joining Club Sunshine . Ai is very friendly to Majima and Yuki both before and when working at Sunshine. Ai is the number-one hostess in Club Mars.