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Hodgdon – The Brand That’s True. WHERE IS THE POWDER Q&A LEARN MORE TRUE STORY Founded in 1947 by Bruce and Amy Hodgdon and sons JB and Bob, Hodgdon is now the preferred powder for handloaders and muzzleloader hunters. LEARN MORE Hodgdon CFE Family With Copper Fouling Eraser VIEW PRODUCTS.

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Hodgdon Powder is an American ammunition powder distributor that was formed in 1966. Founded by Bruce Hodgdon, an avid reloader, WWII veteran, hunter and shooter. Hodgdon Powder started as a family business but quickly grew. While Hodgdon Powder is known for smokeless powders, it is also a popular choice for black powder substitutes using …

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Sep 28, 2021 · Hodgdon Powder Company, Inc., established in the late 1940s, are the largest US supplier of smokeless, black powder and black powder substitute propellants controlling a range of brands including Hodgdon, IMR, Ramshot, Accurate, Winchester, Pyrodex, Triple Seven, Blackhorn 209 and GOEX.

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Hazmat items may arrive on different days. If you order multiple Hazmat items with any Hazmat item being out of stock, we will not ship the Hazmat items until all those items are in stock. Hodgdon Varget Extreme Rifle Powder (1# can) Item #: 081VARGET1. Out of Stock. $45.55. Hodgdon LEVERevolution Rifle Powder 1#.

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Hodgdon H4350 Smokeless Powder 1 Lb. 034-43501 | Hodgdon. $36.89. $36.89 Per Pound. Out of Stock. Hodgdon H4350 Smokeless Powder 8 Lbs. 034-43508 | Hodgdon. $256.09. $32.01 Per Pound.